FIS request Histogram values

Hi everyone

I have a question about the statistical meaning of the values corresponding to each bin in the JSON object. For e.g., in this request-response below do the values (highlighted in bold) correspond to the mean/median/edges of the bins?

I know that when using python API you have the choice between three methods of histogramming. But, what is the method of classification used to build the bins when using HTTP FIS request ?

I am using this request to call the following JSON object:{instanceID}?MAXCC=20&RESX=10m&RESY=10m&VERSION=1.3.0&CRS=EPSG:4326&BINS=5&TIME=2019-02-19/2019-02-23&LAYER=CHL-REDEDGE&GEOMETRY=POLYGON(({lat,lng}))

The JSON object:

Thanks for your help

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