Planet Partner: Sinergise

  • 3 February 2023
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The first partner highlighted during partner month is Sinergise! 


What is Sinergise?

Sinergise has extensive expertise in developing advanced geospatial information systems based on cloud and web technology, focusing on markets where it can create the greatest impact.

Sinergise is best known for its Sentinel Hub, an award-winning satellite imagery archiving, processing and distribution service, which powers earth observation applications world-wide. Sentinel Hub processes hundreds of millions of requests every month, providing timely visualization and analysis of multiple remote sensing data products, and supports the rapid development of new earth-observation products, such as vegetation indices.


Sinergise as a Planet Partner

As part of the Planet Orbit Certification Program, Sinergise will continue to provide Planet customers with solutions for monitoring agricultural activities across broad geographic scales.

Sinergise provides “markers” on a field-by-field basis that include detection of bare soil, dates for mowing and harvesting, land cover and crop type. In one common use case, governments and private enterprise require up-to-date information on agriculture to measure and monitor sustainability initiatives at local, regional and global scales.



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