SkySat 0.5m high resolution images

  • 31 May 2023
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Hi I was trying to search SkySat 0.5m high resolution images on the Planet Explorer by checking SkySat scene and collect, somehow I couldn’t find anything anywhere. About half year ago, I could find these images at many locations. I saved a few links with for those search results and these links don’t work anymore. I just wondered if there is any change to the SkySat data archive lately? My search for 3m PlanetScope images is usually successful at many locations and date ranges.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me on this. 


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8 replies

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Hi @Bin.Liang , would you mind “sharing your session” with your search parameters (share this session button looks like a link, and is on the right side of Planet Explorer)? That will help determine what may be the issue with your search criteria. 


If you would prefer not to share your session here, some common issues may be:

  • You are setting a GSD filter which sorts out SkySat data
  • You have unchecked the “High Resolution” Imagery type
  • You have set an area coverage filter over an AOI which is too large. (I.e no SkySat scene or collect could fulfill the coverage percentage)
    • This also could be true with cloud filters. 



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Hi @mirons , thanks a lot for your reply.

Here is one of the sessions:

One might say there are no such images in this particular ROI. But I tried many ROIs (Australia, US, Europe) including ones I found 0.5m images half year ago.

Could you share one session with 0.5m SkySat images?


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@Bin.Liang , can you try enabling “show full catalog”. I can confirm that that AOI/TOI search has SkySat collects in it, so this may be related to your plan’s access level. 


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Hi @mirons , thanks a lot for your reply. That is the issue! How I missed that...

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Glad to hear it @Bin.Liang !

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Hi @mirons , can I ask you about the same issue? I understand that SkySat only take images when tasked to do so. Is there an efficient way to know which date-locations are covered?

I’m looking for high resolution images at different places in Mexico, for example the Aztec stadium in June 2018, but only find these images starting 2019 on random dates. Is there an efficient way to know the dates of coverage for different locations i’m interested in?

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Hi @TiagoCC  , the most efficient way to perform that type of search would be via the Data API. Documentation is available here, and this Planet University course covers a similar workflow. 


Through Planet Explorer, you could also define your AOI and filter for just SkySat imagery. By selecting “show full catalog” you’ll see all imagery taken on your location (in the date range you set). Just be sure to leave all other filters (such as cloud cover, sun azimuth, etc) on default to avoid filtering out images. 

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Thanks so much @mirons! I’ll take a look at the Data API, which may be more useful if I want to look at different locations on different periods of time!