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  • 1 February 2024
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Please advise me on how to create a planet story through a flood event. A few months earlier I was able to create a planet story through a flood event, the imagery showed the time-lapse daily, but today I was trying to create a similar story for a different watershed and was unable to find imagery on a daily basis, only one image was available for the whole month.



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4 replies

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Hi @Chithrika Alawathugoda 

My immediate thought would be to check filters as there are many and they decide what images you can and can’t see. 

Please let me know if this fixes your issue, if not and you are able to provide more information on what you are trying to create I would be happy to try to replicate it for myself so I can see exactly what you are seeing.

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Dear Madam,

Earlier I was able to create this story through a flood event in the Wadi Ham watershed, where the images were changing over the days.

When I tried to create a similar story for the Imphal watershed, I found only one Image for the whole month. the filters tab is inactive for me hence I am unable to make changes to the filters.

Very grateful for your time and support. This is going to help me in my conference presentation.



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Hi Chithrika, sometimes, at larger zoom scales, the only option available to create a timelapse is a monthly basemap. You may try making a few smaller (more zoomed in) stories to illustrate this point, using daily imagery for these locations. 

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Thank you very much. I was able to see more images by zooming in. It was very helpful.