Why are Planet's images not open to the general public?

  • 29 September 2023
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I’d like to know what reasons exist for limiting Planet Data to scientists, researchers, and government and private ventures. I think, like EOBrowser, which Planet Labs just acquired, Planet’s near daily imagery should be offered in a free, quick to access manner to users of the general public like Sentinel data. 

3 replies


I can only say, that i have asked me the same question often...

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This would be lovely but Sentinel data is technically not free. It’s funded by the EU and made available to the public. So the public isn’t paying for it but someone is paying for it. Similar to Landsat where the Government is funding the project (so technically taxpayers are funding the project). As Planet is not a government funded agency it doesn’t have the same situation. 


Waiting for Sentinel-4 or higher, time will come, when 3 m resolution will become available, for an affordable price.