Specific information about the satellites and constellations.

  • 9 February 2024
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Hello every one!

I would like to know if there is any document up to date that contains information about all the satélites, such as its constellation, the day of launch, orbital parameters and so on. I have looked for it and couldn't find anything, if anyone knows where I can find this info other than in Planet Labs public ephemerides I would really apreciated it. 

Thank you in advance,

Oscar Gamallo 


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5 replies

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Hi Oscar, sharing our public ephemerides data here:


I am also asking if there is any other info that you requested which is publicly available. 

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I would like to know if there is any document that contains the information about when every Flock was put in orbit and the specifics orbits for each launch 


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Also, if posible I would like to know why are two satelites, Dove 2 0505 and Dove 3 0711 that are called Dove instead of Flock and one called Pelican-3001. Thank you for the help !!

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Hi Oscar, I followed up and that link is our only public information on ephemerides. I can speak to the Pelican naming, for more information on that, please see our Pelican product page:

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Hello Oscar, 

I’ll take a shot of answering why Dove 2 0505 and Dove 3 0711 are called Dove instead of Flock. Dove 2 and 3 are part of the first 3 launches that Planet had back in 2013. Each launch had a single Dove. Dove 2 was launched early 2013, while Dove 3 was launched later that fall. After these three launched, Planet started launching “Flocks”. Meaning Planet was launching more than one Dove each launch, we call that a Flock. That’s why the rest are titled with Flock, # of Dove and hardware ids. E.g Flock 1c-1 0903 is from Flock 1c #1 Dove with hardware id 0903.