My last Saturday post regarding issue with scene donwload calcualtion

  • 30 January 2023
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Hi all,

In my last Saturday post I said I couldn’t understand why in a day my quota moved from 12% to 70% when effectively I have downloaded only 1 image. I have discovered later in the evening the reason.

Because I was learning and understanding how to build a request block, in the last modification I have forgot to insert the “tools” block sand this mean I have downloaded 2 full strips of images.

At the same time I have discovered that once the request is processed, the images can be downloaded already from the web page ( another thing I learned).

I have 2 questions to ask:

  1. is the bundle information always required when creating an order?
  2. when I have multiple images in the same days and added to create a composed one, the km2 are calculated for single images or the composite one? This will help me to figure it out how many images i can use per vegetative cycle per year - I have to cover 5 years

Thanks and apologies if my previous message made some mess



3 replies

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Hello @Davide Calvi,

Based on the information in this post, we believe support will be able to help you with this due to you have questions related to your account. We have created a support ticket on your behalf and have copied the email you have used in your Community account.

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In response to the questions:

  1. Yes you must clarify what product/item type you are using along with the appropriate product bundle for every order
  2. The km2 will be calculated for the composite order
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Hi Elyhienrich,

Many thanks for your help and apologies for my late reply.

Now, I have a better understanding how the process works.