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  • 19 April 2024
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Hi, I’m a new user in Planet and I’d like to measure the number of people gathering for certain events in Mexico. What would be the best way of doing this?

I know the date, time and location of events, which sometimes overlap with the timing when the satellite images are taken. I don’t know too much of remote sensing, but my idea was to measure the spatial distribution of image tone intensities, comparing images of a same location with and without the gathering.

I’d appreciate if I could get any feedback on how to implement this! One of my questions is what is the appropriate meters per pixel that image that I should use? What is the minimum size of a gathering that I could detect?

Example: I know that in this park (24.022724971695283, -104.67158198775181) there was a political gathering on June 21, 2018 around the time the image was taken. Hopefully, if there were enough people attending, I would be able to observe this, right?

Thanks for any directions or suggestions!

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