WcsRequest MimeType.TIFF_d16 range

  • 26 April 2024
  • 1 reply


I have noticed range values of MimeType.TIFF_d16 are quite diferent than the original images.
Almost all values of a satellite image usually are between 0 and 5000 (e.g. this happen when downloading the whole image from Copernicus).
But, downloading raw images with sentinel-hub return images between 0 and 15000 or even higher.

Why does it happen? Does Sentinel-hub make any transformation before uploading the image? How that transformation works?

Thank you.

1 reply

If you are using OGC services (WCS, etc.), you might want to read this post, which should hopefully answer your questions:

I recommend you try to use our new API, which makes it more straighftorward on how data are passed from original sensor values to you.


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