Sentinelhub - copernicus and planet and the EO browser

  • 12 April 2024
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I am a total novice trying to use sattelite data for our monitoring (and stopping hopefully) land encroachment in the forest we’re working in. 

I’ve been learning bit by bit QGIS - have been using the planet plugin for the monthly mosaics (with some issues i’ve mentioned in another post).

We used to use the sentinelhub eobrowser until (i thought) it was discontinued last year and they told us to now use copernicus EO browser.

Now back here at planet i see sentinelhub is back up! and i’m curious what the difference is between sentinelhub and copernicus.

Also looking to add in these into my QGIS project -but wondering what the difference is .. they work similarly.. but are they indeed the same, is one better? or are both good? how different?

All using only the free account options.

A simple explanation as to how all these services are related would me much appreciated! Thanks so much.



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2 replies

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I assume that you are referring to the Sentinel Hub QGIS Plugin?

It is in fact compatible with both data from the Sentinel Hub and Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem endpoints. You can pick which endpoint you are using when setting up the plugin in QGIS:

You will have access to Sentinel-2 imagery through both endpoints, but say you have Planet data in your Sentinel Hub account, you couldn’t access this through the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem endpoint as they are both separated.

The EO Browser never went away, the Copernicus Browser is built on the same technology and is used as the portal to Copernicus Sentinel data. The difference with EO Browser is that you do have access to your own datasets hosted on Sentinel Hub, additional data collections such as the Landsat archive and you can query and order Planet data on the platform.

Hope this helps to clear up your questions :)

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Thanks for the explanation. I’ve managed to load the sentinel plugin and am working my way around it. Appreciate your help.


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