Sentinel-2 coregistration

  • 26 April 2024
  • 3 replies

Hi, I would like to use Sentinel-2 L1c band 8 data for research purpose. I work with pixel timeseries, therefore I have serious problems with the co-registration of Sentinel-2, since I found an error of a few pixels in many images. Is there any tutorial you can recommend to me to solve the issue?
Thanks in advance

3 replies

Hi @paolo.filippucci ,

Sentinel-2 has existing geolocation issue (calibration is more focused on radiometric instead of geometric). We cannot really “solve” it as it is what it is.

You could try co-registration using eo-learn package (see the source code if you are interested in).

Note that ESA is re-processing the data to improve the georeference. See:

That said, recent data (after January 25th 2022) is already improved, so you should have a feeling on what to expect for historic data as well.

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