Question about downloading images with API

  • 26 April 2024
  • 5 replies

Hi! Im using the API for download a bunch of images and i have a trial account.
Let’s say that i have a 10.000 lines excel and i have to request those lines and download with the API that quantity of images…can i do that with the trial account or do i have to pay for a package?

Because when i go for the line 140, the script send me this error message:
SHRateLimitWarning: Download rate limit hit
** warnings.warn(‘Download rate limit hit’, category=SHRateLimitWarning)**

I don’t understand the PU usage and that.
What do i need to do for download that entire excel?


5 replies

Hi @expositohernan,
I am looking into your account and it seems Trial has expired on August 4th. Unless you have created another trial account (which is not really in line with the principles of the trial) you will have to upgrade.

That said, there are a couple of limits that you might have hit in your processing:

  • processing units per month (30.000 for a trial; if your requests are large, then each one takes more processing units)
  • requests or processing units per minute (which simply means you need to slow down)

Sentinel Hub API does actually provide information on which of the limits was hit, see documentation

You will also find this information in the Dashboard:

Thanks for your answer! I can see that my PU x minute are no vioalting the policy of my trial account.
Whit my calculations, each request that i do, uses 12.2 PU, and i made 100 request/hour, then waited 1 hour, and i made 100 more. Then the limit apear…what im doing wrong?

I would need more information, i.e. which account are you using, to check what is happening.

Im using this account

As mentioned in the first reply, your trial account has expired on August 4th. It is therefore perfectly normal that you are throttled. In reality, it should not work at all, but due to performance reasons some requests are still coming through.
We would therefore kindly recommend to upgrade your account.


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