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I’m a huge fan of the integration of the Pleiades and SPOT imagery in SH.
Pleiades Neo imagery should be becoming available in the next few weeks and I was wondering if SH will be working on integrating this too?

Once again, many thanks for your amazing service!
Harry 🙂

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We are as well and will for sure try to integrate it ASAP.
That said, there are some steps that need to be done before:

  • data should become operationally available by Airbus
  • data should be included in their API support
  • then we need to customise our support for this new product

As soon as first two bullets are OK, we will start looking into it. I can’t say when exactly this will be, but it is on our radar!

I was just wondering if there is any update on this?

I’m just very eager to access the data, though I understand this takes time 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Hi @harrystranger ,

we hav ejust asked Airbus a few days ago and they told us it will be available in a systematic manner only starting at Q2 2022. Until then, it is per individual orders.
So we need some more patience.



starting at Q2 2022

That will definitely be worth the wait, thank you for the quick update! 🙂

Hi again!

I know it’s very early in Q2, but just wondering if there’s any update on this?

I’m really eager to access Pleiades Neo data 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Nah, still waiting for Airbus… 😦

That’s a shame 😦 Hopefully they’ll help you out soon!

Thanks again Grega!

I’m bumping this topic now that resellers like UP42 are also selling Pléiades Neo imagery.

Still waiting… 😦
UP42 is in a bit of a special situation, being a subsidiary of Airbus…

Bumping this thread as Pleiades Neo has been also available from Skywatch for a few weeks now.

Ironically, it’s easier to get Neo imagery from Skywatch that it is from UP42, an Airbus subsidiary. UP42 has a minimum 25km2 size requirement, while in Skywatch it’s 1km2.


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