EO Browser Network Error' downloading Hi-Res'

  • 26 April 2024
  • 3 replies

Hi All,

I have created a cloudless mosaic in EO Browser using the cloudless mosaic custom script.

However when I try to download this in Hi-Res I get the following error. “An error has occured while fetching some of the images: Network Error”.

Reducing the size/resolution of the area being downloaded resolves the issue, but to get the resolution I’m after (approximate 14,000px wide image) would require a large number of downloads and then stitching them together.

The “How to create your own Cloudless Mosaic in less than an hour” tutorial looks like what I need, but using “Batch” mode seems to require a 400 euro/month plan. I would be happy to pay to download the image, but this is a one off personal project so 400 euro is a bit out of my budget.

Is there another or better way to do this? Any help would be much appreciated.


3 replies


downloading a large image through a high-res print option in image download requests multiple images (with max size of 2500px by 2500px) and stitches them together before displaying the dialog to save the file. With all smaller images needed to get a complete image, the process is not successful if only one image is not retrieved successfully. With 14000px wide image, the final image is composed from at least 6 images.

With a large image requested, there is likely to be a network error (more likely than with the Basic download) - not an error or limitation of the Sentinel Hub, but some network issues causing the images to not get retrieved. Even more so if the network connection is slow or unstable. It seems that a network issue is also the case here.

Can I ask you to try again a few more times and if there is still an error, please do these steps:

  • open the devtools by pressing F12 on the keyboard (opens in new window or beside / below the website content in the same window)
  • set image size again / check if it’s what you want
  • click download
  • make a screenshot of the devtools and paste it here

That way we will have some more information about what happens and it will be easier for us to see if it’s something on our side.

If you already know the devtools, you can go to the Network tab in the devtools and find the failing requests, click on one and make a screenshot or copy the error.

That being said, I managed to successfully download 50 inches wide image, but I’m on a really fast internet connection.



Thanks very much for your reply and all the information. I wasn’t familiar with the devtools, so I’ll have a look at that and keep trying.

My internet connection isn’t great, so I’ll also try again in a week or so when I have access to a better connection.

Thanks again and I’ll report back how I go.


Hi Again,

I’ve had go at reducing my capture size and was able to get one image successfully. Interestingly I still got 3 HTTP 429 errors almost immediately after clicking download, but then I could see the rest of the images downloading in the Network tab.

I moved my target area and tried downloading the next image. This time the 429 errors still appeared, but after successfully downloading a few images, the next one failed with a “Cross Origin Request” error. I did notice that the “L” in the sentinal-hub.com link was a capital letter, so I’m not sure if this is being interpreted as a different domain.

I’ll keep trying as it does seem the problem is intermittent and the number of successful images downloaded before it fails varies.

EDIT: Adding a CORS unblocker plugin to Firefox seems to have fixed it, but I’ve only done one download so perhaps I just got lucky. Will update once I’ve done a few more.



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