DynamoDB & Geospatial?

  • 26 April 2024
  • 1 reply

Hi everyone,

I’m just launching into the development of a pipeline for Sentinel image processing, and I was wondering what this community considers best practice for storing/accessing geospatial data in DynamoDB. Most of my data will be a variety of polygons, multipolys, linestrings, and points… but I’m having difficulty seeing how DynamoDB can handle that efficiently for searches. (Also, I want to be able to quickly query by datetime as well, just to complicate things)

Do any of you have any projects you’ve implemented thusly? Any recommendations or warnings? I intuitively understand relational databases better, and also that PostgreSQL is available via RDS, but nonetheless I’m curious what you do in the case where you aren’t using that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts–I’m at a total loss right now!

1 reply

We have a limited experience with DynamoDB (we are using it in one small part of the data ingestion process), but I think it is not the best choice for what you want… PostgreSQL is for sure a better option (we use it for more or less all the parts of Sentinel Hub). Or Aurora.


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