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I am unable to download high-resolution image for evaluating whether it meets our requirements.

Right now, we can only download the image at 100m. Can we download image at smaller distance, i.e., 2m, 5m?

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Sentinel-2 data, which you are probably trying to download, come at original resolution of 10m as described in the documentation:

Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub is multi-spectral, temporal satellite imagery service for real-time processing of big remote sensing data.

You will obviously not be able to downoad Sentinel-2 at higher resolution. When you refer to “100m”, you are probably referring to the graphical scale in the EO Browser, which is not the same as the resolution.
By choosing Download image → Analytical, you can choose the “High” resolution, which should give you a “projected resolution: 10m”. If you do not see this, zoom in closer as the largest image download is 2000x2000px.

Sentinel-2 with 10 meter resolution is the best what one can get from open data.
If you are looking for an ongoing monitoring of vegetation, the only other possibility is PlanetScope data, which come at resolution of 3-5 meters (projected to 3 meters) and cost of 1.55 EUR per sq. km (per observation).
If interested in this, let us know the area you are looking for and we will send you an offer to purcahse imagery. Purchased data will be available through Sentinel Hub services in the same way as Sentinel-2 data is available.


my company plans to subscribe. however, in the EO browser, we are bot getting the ideal resolution. the image is not defined. if we subscribe, can we get the higher resolution?

Hi @mnevilla,
the resolution you see in EO Browser, is a natural resolution of Sentinel-2 satellites. So this is as good as it gets.

We do offer also an access to commercial data, PlanetScope and Pleiades, but this comes at additional price. Check:

thank you for your reply.


  1. subscribing in pleiades or planetscope will generate a higher resolution?
  2. the area we are looking at is around 5 hectares. how many processing units is this? considering we need the maximum resolution.
  3. can we unsubscribe after a month? or we are for a year?

thanks in advance.

Hi @mnevilla,

  1. For Pleiades or PlanetScope you do not really subscribe, but you purchase the data before you want to use it. If you buty PlanetScope data, the resolution will be cca 3 meters (so 10 times better than Sentinel-2) and with Pleiades it will be 0.5 meters (400 times better). Note that with Pleiades only archive imagery is supported for now, which means that there is no guarantee that the data will be available in your area of interest. For PlanetScope the data is available almost every day.
  2. 5 hectares translates into 0.05 km2. If you purchase PlanetScope data once every week, one package of 100 sq. km (155 EUR) should be sufficient for quite a while.
  3. You can subscrieb for Sentinel Hub on a monthly basis. For PlanetScope you need to buy at least a package of 100 sq. km.

I have a specific request about buying images about evaluating vegetition progress.
Can you provide me a contact person, with whom i might be able to clarify some stuff, or let me know where i can find list of contact people?
Thank you.

Hi @emir_memic,

I suggest you first check:

if you have contractual questions, do send an e-mail to For technical questions, do use this Forum.


Till probably two weeks back, I was getting a 10m/px resolution for Sentinel 2 images for my study area (I use a kml file of my study area extent).
However, when I downloaded a tile for the same extent today, i can only get a resolution as high as 20m/px. Is anyone else having the same problem or has a possible solution to this?

We have reduced the size of the exported GeoTiff to 2500x2500px. I imagine one of your dimensions is larger than that so we reduce proposed resolution. If you reduce the area to be exported (e.g. by zooming in), you should be able to download 10m res.

Thanks for the reply. My extent includes the locations for my study species. Unfortunately, I cannot reduce the extent further. My extent is roughly 620 sq. km.
Is there a known workaround to this?

Split it in two parts and download eac part separately.

Or use sentinelhub-py

Yes thats what occurred to me as well. 🙂

Thanks for the prompt replies!

This might sound very basic and simple:
Does this script run in R? am not familiar with python

Unfortunately not. That being said, you should be able to do something similar in R as well…

What is the main reason for this limitiation of imagery? This really limits the usability of the EO browser not being able to download areas that are larger than 2500px.

EO Browser was simply not designed for such large exports. We will for sure add this option in the future, but at the moment it is not there yet.
However, we have APIs in place, which you can use for this specific purpose.


ser was simply not designed for such large exports. We will for sure add this option in the future, but at the moment it is not there yet.

ok thank you for the answer!

Logged in users can download images larger than 2500px (under the High-res print tab in the Image download tool).
This works in a way that EO Browser makes splits the selected image size to multiple parts, each smaller or equal to 2500px * 2500px, requests the images for the parts, and then stitches them together before displaying the “save image” dialogue. But beware that this can take a lot of time and that this feature is limited to JPEG and PNG.

Some other limitations of Sentinel Hub still remain though (e.g. min and max meters per pixel), as they cannot be solved as easily (some parameter combinations also don’t make sense).



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