Difference between Sentinel Playground and EO Browser

  • 26 April 2024
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I wonder if someone could help me understand this.

What is the difference between Sentinel Playground and EO Browser?
Specifically, I am trying to understand why one image is showing cloud cover that the other does not show. Is it that the EO Browser only shows imagery taken for a specific day, whereas the Playground is accumulated data over time?

Thanks in advance,


2 replies

Hi @Ryan01,

both of the applications are providing access to full datasets.
The different is probably in the “ease of use” vs, “how much control one has”.
Sentinel Playground will by default try to compose the best possible mosaic for images up to a specific date (chosen in UI), so the user (almost) always gets “something to see”. If you go to Effects and choose “Show dates”, then play with selection of date and cloud coverage and you will see how this is changing.
In EO Browser you have full control. By default it will show only the data for one single date, so that it is exactly clear to the user, what she is looking at. However, you can choose “Timespan” there and select a longer time span, producing a similar effect.

Therefore, if you are more advanced user, we would recommend EO Browser. If you are just starting with EO data and do not want to be confused with all the details, use Sentinel Playground. If you really really know what you want to do, then use rather the Sentinel Hub API and integrate it in your own application, however you see it fit. Both EO Browser and Sentinel Playground are using exactly the same APIs in the back-end. It’s just a different front-end.

The explanation is really useful; thank you very much.


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