Airbus Pleiades 401 error

  • 26 April 2024
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{“error”:{“status”:401,“reason”:“Unauthorized”,“message”:“You are not authorized - please provide header [Authorization: Bearer ] with your request.”,“code”:“COMMON_UNAUTHORIZED”}}

This is an error that I get when I am trying to display an image preview in python.
I use a code from here:

Examples of Third Party Data Import

Follow these examples to import commercial third-party data into Sentinel Hub.

and I don’t see any place where I can put Bearer (I don’t have it. Only ID and key).

I have an active package.

7 replies


Have you purchased any credits to access Airbus imagery?

To order Pleiades imagery, you will need to purchase the appropriate commercial data package first. You can find out more in this tutorial or from this webinar .

Let us know if you need any more help 👍

As I wrote I have an active package

Screenshot from 2022-08-25 09-24-37

Hi @dtanmle ,

Have you authenticated using this code snippet ? In the code snippet, replace placeholders for SH client id and SH client secret with your values. Running the snippet will define oauth session, which is then used in all our python examples and makes sure that requests have correct Authorization header.

I used exactly the same code as in the docs example.

Hi @dtanmle,

The example looks ok. I have also run the code with my SH account and it works correctly.
The error message you got is really strange, since I can see you got the access token correctly (the last line in your image).
It could be that there was some glitch in the system. Could you please try again. If you are sill getting the same error, please send me a private message with the email (or user id) of your SH account with which you are making this requests.

Ok. I’ve just discovered there is a problem with PIL.Image method in Google Colab. I run my notebook locally and preview images displaying works well.

sorry for the confusion

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