The Planet Community Public Ideation Process

  • 2 December 2022
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Planet is excited to collaborate with the user community to improve data and platforms. The Planet Community Product Ideas section is the best place for you to share ideas and discuss them with other community members and the Planet staff. We review each and every idea, and we are committed to properly addressing each one and escalating them to our product team. 

Note: All Idea posts must follow the Planet Community Guidelines.


Things you should know when submitting ideas:


Use the Community search functionality to look for similar ideas.

One idea at a time

Each post should be about one idea only. Each idea is tracked and escalated by Planet, so if you have multiple ideas, please make multiple posts. 


When you share an idea, use the following tags to help us prioritize and route ideas: bug fix, deprecation, or feature request

  • Bug fixes are any changes which restore expected behavior in our imagery or platforms. 

  • Features are requests for new functionality, or improvements. 

  • Deprecations are requests to retire or remove outdated or broken features. 


Link to Helpful Resources 

If there are academic papers, examples from other platforms, or any other external resources that are helpful, please link them in your post. 

Upvote and Comment on the Ideas You Love!

To improve the likelihood of implementation, upvote and comment on the ideas that you support. Add comments and use cases to explain how the idea might improve your workflows. 


How do we evaluate ideas?

When you submit an idea, it is tagged as New and within one month, the product team looks at all new ideas. The product team may then reach out to you with questions to ensure that they completely understand your suggestion. After the first review from the product team, we change the state of the idea to reflect our plans.

Ideas are tagged with one of the  following states:

  • Open: The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This is the investigation stage when we gather more information about the request, and set the priority. 

  • Added to Roadmap: The idea is planned for development in the near future.

  • In Progress: The idea is actively being worked on by the product engineering team. 

  • Delivered: The idea is implemented and is available. All delivered posts are highlighted in the community. 

  • Delivered (Partially): Some aspects of the idea are implemented and available.

  • Closed (Parked): We reviewed the idea, but cannot address it any time soon. We make every effort to communicate why an idea is parked. Reasons that ideas are parked, include: 

    • The complexity of the idea 

    • The value-add of the idea

    • Mis-alignment with current product strategy 

  • Closed (Duplicate) - The idea is a duplicate and we combine all duplicated topics. If you feel an idea was incorrectly marked as duplicate, please re-add the idea or include a comment.

Monthly Ideation Review

On a monthly basis, ideas are reviewed and evaluated. We review all open ideas to re-evaluate their status. Reviews are communicated in a dedicated post on the Planet Community. 


Feedback on the Ideas Process

Let us know  if you have any questions or comments about the Planet Community Public Ideation Process. 

Your ideas help us all to see change, and change the world! 

2 replies

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It works, thank you so much!

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This is an awesome initiative! I will be posting more here during our second semester.