Tile Streaming Links from Hosted Data

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When you order imagery in Planet Explorer, you have the option to deliver the order to Hosted Data.  Hosted Data allows you to visualize the imagery in full resolution and customize the rendering for enhanced visual interpretation. More information is available in How to Order and Stream Hosted Data.

In applications that support the WMTS and XYZ protocols, you are now able to stream Hosted Data without revealing your API key. Simply go to the Hosted Data section of Planet Explorer and enable tile streaming links for your Hosted Data folders. This enables the availability of streaming services links that do not require your Planet API key and do not have an expiration date.




You can stream all of the images in your Hosted Data folder in the WMTS specification.  When you do this, images are grouped together by item type and date.  For a given date, the most recent images are  shown on top and there is a limit of 30 scenes that can be streamed at once.  

You can also stream individual scenes within a folder with the XYZ or WMTS specifications and as a Cloud-Optimized Geotiff (COG).



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