Tasking Dashboard Improvements

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There are substantial improvements to Quota calculations and Planet’s Terms of Service (ToS) for order creation in the Tasking Dashboard.


Automated Quota Calculation

Quota calculation functionality is greatly improved for order entry. It is now evident which tasking parameters impose higher or lower quota cost. A quota preview displays costs directly in the Tasking Dashboard. Quota estimates are automatically updated as you input requirements.

The dashboard now displays how much quota is used for each order. The information is available in both the order details view and the table view. Used quota is always current, reflecting the amount of quota used in a given order to date.


Planet’s Terms of Service Alignment

The tasking parameters at the order entry stage are now consistent with Planet’s current ToS and the capabilities of the SkySat constellation. The improvements allow Planet to maximize order fulfillment and deliver as many high quality captures as possible.

The following parameters apply to all orders: 

  • A minimum duration of 14 days for the Time of Interest (TOI) 

  • The order must be submitted at least 24 hours before the TOI start time

  • A maximum 30º Off-nadir angle (ONA) applies to all orders 


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