✨ Tasking Dashboard and API Updates ✨

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This update will simplify how quality issues are managed and also how quality information is presented in the Tasking Dashboard.

In preparation for this change, we will also simplify how we surface quality information in the dashboard.

These improvements are part of a broader initiative to make Planet quality processes faster, more accurate, and easier to interact with - more to come in the next months!

What's New?


New Evaluation field API Tasking Dashboard

The Evaluation field replaces the Assessment field, which is deprecated and will not reflect future improvements to our quality processes.

Rejecting a capture in the Tasking Dashboard

If you disagree with the quality evaluation for an order, the Tasking Dashboard allows you to request an additional review of the capture within two weeks from the capture publication date.


The Assessment feature replaces the current manual process and you no longer have to contact your Planet representative.

Please provide as much information as possible in your request to expedite the process.


The process of the capture review is visible in the dashboard in the capture detail view and in the order history.


The Planet team reviews your request and might re-task or re-process the image if our quality commitments are not met. Email notifications will be sent to the order creator once a decision is made. Your Planet representative may also reach out for more information about this issue.

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