Reprocessing the PlanetScope Archive with Band Alignment Improvements

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Reprocessing the PlanetScope Archive with Band Alignment Improvements

Planet is reprocessing the PlanetScope Archive (all images taken by Dove-R and SuperDove satellites before March 1, 2022) to improve radiometric alignment between bands using a new registration and compositor method, which is already in use for all images taken after March 1, 2022. This process started in late September, 2022, and will carry on through November 2022.


This leads to clearer images, and a much better product for performing analysis.


Reprocessing will affect the availability of some older images. Many images will be added to the archive due to the improved processing methods, while some images may be removed from the archive as a result of a corresponding increase in Planet’s quality threshold.


An important caveat for subscriptions API users: reprocessed images will appear in your feed as recently updated, which may lead to inadvertent downloading of some old images.


For more information on this process, and how it impacts subscriptions users, please see this support documentation.


If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to support.


Before Reprocessing
After Reprocessing


@Mariana Curdoglo improving data quality, awesome!

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