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On July 13, Planet released its latest upgrades to the Tasking platform, accelerating order fulfillment.


Task Aggregation

Planet has introduced a new back-end task aggregation system which improves fulfillment rate and optimizes order delivery. Now, multiple point orders are collected together in a single SkySat pass, leading to faster access to the latest data for more customers. Though we are now combining multiple customer’s orders in one collection, you will still only be charged for 25 sq. km for your point orders.


Higher Refresh for the SkySat Archive

To facilitate Task Aggregation and faster order fulfillment, all new SkySat Tasking imagery is now published by default to the SkySat Archive as soon as it is available. This means faster access to the most recent images in the SkySat Archive.


How will this affect you as a Tasking Customer?

1. As point collections are aggregated, Planet no longer guarantees North-South oriented directionality.

2. There are new updates to the Tasking Dashboard User Interface. 


Watch the video below for more in depth information!


Love this. Faster collections and more order lock in windows!

Thanks for sharing. Hoping to have some funds to acquire some SkySat data next year.

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