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Starting today you can order Planet Basemaps through the Orders API. This release provides several new tools while also simplifying the process for ordering Basemaps from Planet.  If you are familiar with ordering scenes from the Orders API, you will be familiar with this new functionality for Planet Basemaps. Here is a quick highlight of what’s new:

Order using an area of interest (AOI)

You can now order a Basemap over an AOI by providing a GeoJSON file.  This makes it easier to order imagery over the areas that you are focused on by using standard geospatial data formats. It is no longer required to order by specifying Planet quad IDs.

Process Basemaps with New Tools

You now have access to the tools in the Orders API that process Basemaps into ready-to-use formats.  For example, to calculate indices like NDVI in a single API call, you can clip images to an AOI, merge all of the quads into a single image, and perform band math.

Deliver to Cloud Storage

Rather than downloading a Basemap and then re-uploading it to the cloud, you can deliver orders directly to an AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud storage destination.

Note: For NICFI Basemaps users, NICFI Basemaps can not be ordered with the Orders API. The NICFI DATA Program User Guide provides information on how to access NICFI Basemaps.

Learn more at the Planet Developer Center.  Post any questions you have in the comments!

@elyhienrich very useful additions, thanks for sharing!

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