Planet Add-in for ArcGIS Pro Version 3.0 Released

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We have released Planet Add-in for ArcGIS Pro, Version 3.0.  Version 3.0 is the first version that is compatible with ArcGIS Pro 3.x. There are also additional features for working with STAC metadata and viewing the size of an area-of-interest (AOI) when searching for images and Basemaps.

Support for ArcGIS Pro Version 3.0
The add-in now supports ArcGIS 3.x so you can upgrade to the latest version.  If you still need to use an older version of ArcGIS Pro 2.x, we also have an updated 2.x version.

Ordering with STAC Metadata
You can now place an order and specify to have STAC metadata included.  When you add imagery to the map, the spectral bands are now assigned to the correct color channels for a true color visualization.

View Area-of-Interest (AOI) Size When Searching
While you are searching for imagery and Basemaps, the size of the AOI is now listed in the search panel.  This helps to know how much imagery is being ordered so you can estimate how it impacts your usage quota.

Download the most recent version of the Planet Add-in for ArcGIS Pro!

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