New Support for Planetary Variables (June 1, 2023)

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Planetary Variables are now Available via the Subscriptions API ✨

Planet's satellite-observed Soil Water Content (SWC), Land Surface Temperature (LST), and Crop Biomass (BP) Planetary Variables are now delivered entirely through Planet's infrastructure. New support for the delivery of Planetary Variables is available through the Subscriptions API. With this new feature, customers can subscribe to both raster and time series data for the following Planetary Variables:

  • Soil Water Content: The amount of water stored in the soil above groundwater levels.
  • Land Surface Temperature: Radiative skin temperature of the land surface, or the temperature directly on the surface of Earth. 
  • Crop Biomass: Index (from 0 to 1) of the relative amount of biomass in an area, especially useful in cloudy regions.

How to Subscribe

Customers interested in Planetary Variables via the API can create a subscription and specify a Planetary Variable source type. This change requires no action on the part of users who subscribe to imagery.

Read more about Subscribing to Planetary Variables.

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