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Planet Features API (Beta) 

Planet recently released its Features API (Beta). The Features API is a great way to improve the efficiency of your data discovery and delivery workflows by enabling you to store your Areas of Interest (AOIs) once and reference them, as needed, across the platform. Planet discovery and delivery APIs that now support saved Feature references include:

  • Orders API 
  • Subscriptions API 
  • Data API 

The Features API also includes endpoints for validating and simplifying your AOIs so that they meet the Planet geometry rules (such as max 1500 vertex limit) before saving them. After a Feature is saved, it can be accessed as an OGC-compliant Features API.

API docs for the Planet Features API can be found in the Planet Features API documentation

Example Features API workflow 

Note: For more detailed workflow examples, refer the Planet Jupyter Notebook

  1. To create a Feature Collection make a POST to the Collection endpoint and include a Collection name and description. 

POST to https://api.planet.com/features/v0/ogc/my/collections


  1. To validate that your Features (AOIs) meet the Planet geometry requirements, make a POST request to the /validate endpoint. The API response provides more details if your Feature does not meet the geometry rules. 

POST https://api.planet.com/features/v0/ogc/my/collections/validate


  1. To add Features (AOIs) to your Feature Collection, make a POST to the items endpoint. You can include Title, ID, and Description properties. 

POST https://api.planet.com/features/v0/ogc/my/collections/:collectionID/items 


  1. To share a Feature Collection so that other users in your Organization can find and access the AOI Features, make a POST request to the permission endpoint:

POST https://api.planet.com/features/features/v0/ogc/my/collections/:collectionID/permission 

  1. After a Feature is saved, you can reference it in the Planet delivery APIs. For example, make a POST request to the Orders API to deliver data where you need it. 




Feature Reference: A reference (URL, ID) to a specific Feature.

Learning Resources

For information on working with Planet APIs, see Get Started with Planet APIs.

Note: The Planet Features API is currently in Public Beta and future releases may not be backwards compatible. Following the General Availability (GA) release of the API, we will provide support for a duration of six months.


Have feedback? Please let us know using the Planet Features API Beta Feedback form.

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