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If you disagree with the quality evaluation for a tasking order, the Tasking Dashboard allows you to request an additional review (according to the respective Flexible or Assured Tasking Terms of Service) of the capture within two weeks from the capture publication date. 

Considerations for Additional Review

  • Applied to Input Area - The rules are applied to the user’s input area, which could be as small as 25 square kilometers or as large as the full collection.
  • Less than your contracted Cloud Cover Threshold - Collections must be less than or equal to (<=) the contracted cloud cover threshold. This does not include haze and shadows. Exceptions include Assured tasks.
  • Scene Alignment - We do not guarantee scene alignment where we cannot create tie points for rectification. For example, significant clouds or the scene has <= 10% land intersection. We should be able to align where haze is present.
  • UDM2.1 as a Starting Point - If you believe UDM2.1 has mislabeled your collection, please dispute and we will review it. For example, if UDM2.1 mislabels clouds as haze.

Planet might re-task or re-process the image if our quality commitments are not met. We will assess if your collection is a good candidate for reprocessing. Other outcomes include declining the request, quota adjustment, or refund.

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