✨New: Features Manager for Uploading and Managing an Area of Interest (AOI)

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Features Manager is a new application that helps you upload and manage areas of Interest (AOIs) on the Planet Insights Platform. The application is built on Planet APIs, including the Features API

Features Manager is designed to help you manage your AOIs on the Planet Insights Platform so that you can use them as references in downstream applications, such as requesting data through the Orders and Subscription APIs. 

As a Planetary Variable user, Features Manager also provides a special view into quota management, enabling you to determine how much quota you have used for your AOIs. 

Features Manager Capabilities

  • Upload and save AOI Features 
  • Validate and simplify AOI Features 
  • Organize Features in Feature Collections and add metadata 
  • Share Feature Collections with your organization
  • Copy Feature Reference IDs to use in downstream APIs like Subscriptions 
  • For Planetary Variable customers, preview PV quota for your AOI

Features Manager & Planetary Variables Quota 

To access Planetary Variables for your AOIs, upload your AOIs using Features Manager or Features API. Once uploaded, ask your Planet support manager to “reserve” the PV quota for your Feature Collection. 

  1. Upload your AOIs using Features Manager or API. 
  2. To share Feature Collection(s) with your support manager, click the More menu on your collection and click copy link.
  3. Email your support manager a link to your Feature Collection and specify which Planetary Variable you want to access for those AOIs.

Once your quota is reserved and data is created in those areas, your support manager will let you know that you can start requesting PV data through the Subscriptions API. 

Additional Resources 

Please take a look at the Features Documentation for more about this release.


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