✨ New Feature: Forest Carbon Diligence Product Validation & Intercomparison Report ✨

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This product release announces the Forest Carbon Diligence product validation and intercomparison report

9_EqeSzFQqH4ozNMK2Noc1hmkyfTUcrqyjWbbYq-97XYs_NDpwQdnE6b6GR9j9vcNnxUFG2WT868hKRwBPr1L2K1kTktc_xi627SQF6UqlSsvD-DpYmO5w8o2Qa-kYa2hf6oZsRJRG1-0OkPhiLWl6g The Forest Carbon Diligence Validation and Intercomparison report provides a multi-scale, multi-method assessment of the quality of Planet’s Forest Carbon Diligence data products, with an emphasis on jurisdictional and voluntary carbon monitoring applications, using a combination of intercomparison and validation approaches.

Refer to the Validation and Intercomparison report for more information.


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