New Details of Hyperspectral Offering, Tanager

Planet is excited to announce new details of our hyperspectral constellation, which is being brought to market through a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership with the Carbon Mapper Coalition

This future hyperspectral satellites will be named Tanager, a colorful and visually diverse family of birds in Central and South America, and are designed to deliver hyperspectral data at a resolution of 30 meters with over 400 spectral bands. 

With plans to launch the first two Tanager satellites in 2023, hyperspectral data holds immense potential to support applications in industries like agriculture, defense & intelligence, energy, civil government, and mining. The genesis of the Carbon Mapper initiative came from a need to use high quality hyperspectral data to locate methane point source emitters at the facility scale to support mitigation action. As part of the coalition, we remain committed to the public benefit mission of pinpointing, quantifying and tracking point-source methane and CO2 emissions, while also leveraging the technology’s other applications made possible with hyperspectral data to deliver additional value to its customers. 


Click here for more information.

@elyhienrich this is awesome, the benefits and applications are numerous! looking forward to this data.

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