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v2CPRRvQP4jfJNUc33WXrxQ8YH3UZ8anZXHoYlrfi1ASCiRwN7Q4FEgMWBlzfIy-48WvPu0cGJ5qBMRBLDnp1fxMhHa-P-luBfqiu5h917BbwVc7e69FxGm8OQaJqks5SnYSBQkjh_UHoiE2LjYezH4 The Planet Field Boundaries new data set is now available through the Subscriptions API.

Field Boundaries provide critical infrastructure for agriculture solutions, including regional crop monitoring and yield estimation over broad areas, serving customers in civil government, commercial agriculture, finance, and consumer packaged goods industries. 

Field Boundaries automatically trace the boundaries of agricultural parcels for a specified area and Time of Interest (TOI). To do this, the Planet proprietary algorithm estimates a parcel’s extent and perimeter from a time series of satellite images. This dataset can be generated globally dating back to 2018.


The first version of the Field Boundaries PV uses Sentinel-2 data with 10 m resolution input. 

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