Announcement: User Authentication Services Migration

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Planet Labs is performing engineering maintenance on the systems used for user authentication, which will result in user-visible changes to the platform. These changes will be deployed between early July and the end of August. User credentials (API keys and passwords) will continue to work without disruption. 

Important! Most of these changes are not expected to require user-facing downtime, but a brief outage in the functionality that links Planet and Sentinel Hub accounts will be required.

User-visible Changes

The user-visible changes include the following: 

  • User authentication services will be migrating from to
  • Deep links into will not be maintained.  Please bookmark as the platform homepage and use the login link on this page.
  • The format of the login prompts will be changing.
  • The format of authentication emails (password reset, etc.) will change.
  • Users who have not logged in within the last several years must perform a “forgotten password” password reset. The user must opt into this from the login screen, which is not automatic.

Additionally, new user account security features will be enabled to protect accounts from brute-force attacks.

What to Expect

Users may experience additional authentication prompts during this maintenance period as systems gradually migrate on the back end. Depending on the user’s activity and status vis-a-vis the underlying platform maintenance work, users may experience new and old authentication services. This is to be expected and does not indicate a problem with the service.

Thank you for your patience as we perform this system maintenance. These changes have prepared our internals better to serve future security needs, including enhanced user account attack detection/protection features, end-user multi-factor authentication, OAuth2 authentication for API access, and enterprise user federation. 

Note: None of these features are part of this migration, but this migration prepares engineering infrastructure for future work in these areas.

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