Using Planet data to map coral reefs in Buccoo Reef, Tobago

  • 2 December 2022
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Hello everyone, my team and I are utilizing Planet data for reef assessment in Buccoo Reef, Tobago. Reefs in the Caribbean region have suffered a substantial loss of 60% - 80% since 1970s and Tobago have been severely affected. We hope to use our results to implement monitoring and management strategies for the Buccoo Reef. 

Here is a similar paper that I’ve found using Planet Dove Satellites for reef assessment:


Excited to post our results soon! 

4 replies

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Great work, Dean!

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Thank you for sharing the work you intend to do and sharing similar work being done to monitor coral reefs using Planet data! Looking forward to seeing your results.

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Hey Dean!  Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing your results since we’d be working on similar areas of interest!

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@Alexandre Georges this is awesome!  will be in touch for sure.