Intro to PlanetScope

  • 14 March 2023
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Check out our Intro to PlanetScope course on Planet University!


IbBVm3CJcWr_bvI3cgdGAbfmzrTFLOtU05MTmdsI77OHINnIJLdmgMZBKWcfODJK67j-CZxHdIj8yqmivI-SB5GQMdkNyrTJGKdL7E37khSD9ncRN2QFRne9FQlGEmFH4KGSBe4xa0Q4Q-u8dh5cq8Lqqg=s2048Things you will learn in the course:

  • What the PlanetScope product is. 
  • How PlanetScope imagery compares to drone, Landsat, and Sentinal imagery. 
  • The ways customers can access PlanetScope imagery.
  • Examples of other imagery sources that can be used in conjunction with PlanetScope.
  • The differences in imagery between generations of Dove satellites.
  • The types of sensors used for PlanetScope imagery and their associated abbreviations.
  • The specifications for each generation of Dove satellite. 
  • The difference between an Item and an Asset.
  • The difference between Ortho and Basic scenes in PlanetScope imagery.


Please post any further questions, feel free to discuss the course, or provide us with any feedback on how we can improve the course in the comments below! 

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