API to download what I see in the Planet Explorer

  • 12 October 2022
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I have an AOI on the Planet explorer, with the actual satellite image showing on my Planet Explorer already.


Is there a way download it through an API as it seems like that image is already paid by my quota on Scene tiles.


To clarify, how do I only download this image below.



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Hey there kanleon - welcome to Planet Community!

So if you just want to have a local copy of what you see on your screen the best tool is the Planet Explorer Screenshot ‘lab’. This is a ‘beta feature’ that has to be enabled. See this gif for how to enable and use it:


That will get you a visual of what you see on your screen, and won’t consume any additional quota.

The other option is to order it, and select the ‘visual’ asset, though that will hit your quota. See for instructions. If you want to use ‘an api’ you can hit the orders API directly, see for info on it, as well as for python and command-line tools to interact with it. But since it looks like you’ve already got it selected in explorer you can also just hit ‘order’ there, and then download the results with the CLI or SDK, as it’ll take a bit of work to recreate what you’re seeing on your screen. If you can explain more about why you need/want to use the API that can help me to explain more of what you might need, but for your articulated needs I don’t think an API is needed.

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@cholmes very useful, thanks for sharing!