Which Method is Used to Create the Planet & NICFI Tropical Monitoring Basemaps

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This question was originally asked March 10, 2022 05:57 by user Maurice Kalthof.



I was wondering how the basemaps, especially the bi-annual basemaps up untill september 2020, are compiled. Are the pixels/images selected based on a quality assesment, or is the median / mean used? If I know this, I can make a better assesment on what period / situation the basemaps represent.


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Aditya Chintalapati replied on May 05, 2022 at 07:13.



I'm sharing the NICFI Basemap Product Specification document, In page 4 you can find the details about basemap production algorithm. Here is the link:

Hope this helps!

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@elyhienrich thank you for sharing this document!


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