Offline monitoring in the Peruvian Amazon

  • 8 September 2022
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Rainforest Foundation US facilitates training in using NICFI Satellite Data Program data to 5 indigenous organizations and 33 Amazonian native people from Kichwa, Shipibo and Ticuna communities in Peru.

The basemaps are downloaded in satellite information hubs, transformed into android format and transferred to the native communities. Community patrols use the basemaps on their smartphones to plan patrols to validate early deforestation alerts.

Additionally, native communities create maps using NICFI Basemaps to help indigenous monitors and community watch committees to plan their patrol routes and make their performance more efficient.

The satellite images, plus the evidence gathered in the patrols, are used to identify causes of forest loss, responsible actors, and, when relevant, file complaints with the government authorities.

During a conversation with Cameron Ellis from Rainforest Foundation US, he mentioned that the NICFI Satellite Data Program has filled a missing piece in many components of their monitoring work, making community patrols safer and more effective.

Learn more about this user story! Click here to check out the Rainforest Foundation webpage and their "Programa Alerta de Bosque" program.

1 reply

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This is a very useful application for our forestry division as well as our environmental NGOs and local indigenous communities. Thanks for sharing @andrea.cardenas 


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