NICFI's contribution to real-time deforestation monitoring report

  • 20 October 2022
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AidEnvironment creates Real Time Deforestation Monitoring Reports to fight production-related deforestation and support civil society. 

Their August report highlighted seven case studies in Brazil with a continuing deforestation case from Mato Grosso, using NICFI Data. These cases contain the current deforestation activities regarding soy and cattle production in a total of 17,172 hectares of logging of native vegetation and 560 fire alerts in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes.

Their methodology uses satellite imagery to analyze deforestation and fire alerts for each case study. Then, AidEnvironment analyzed the cases through their database and additional data from different sources. In the final phase, after the approval of a local partner, they generated a qualitative analysis through public data. 

In the following image, you can see an example of one case study AidEnvironment carried out. It shows a cleared area of 666 hectares in the Amazon biome inside a declared Legal Reserve and APP (Permanent Preservation Areas), using Planet Satellite Imagery.


Image Info: Jan 2022 & June 2022, blue=limits of the property, red=limits of the cleared area, (Aidenvironment, 2022)

Click here to check out the report and all the case studies!  

1 reply

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@andrea.cardenas too much deforestation! 


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