New Partnership for Guyana’s Solar Energy Future

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For many years, Guyana has been one of the world’s leading countries on rainforest protection and maintains 85% of its forest cover. The rate of deforestation in Guyana is only 0,05%.

Thanks to the low deforestation rates of Guyana, a partnership agreement between Guyana, Norway and the Inter-American Development Bank has been signed on this year’s World Rainforest day (22nd of June).

The Guyana Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic Program (GUYSOL) will invest in 8 large-scale solar energy projects that will be funded by NICFI. While these projects will bring clean energy to 27.000 households in Guyana, around 70.000 people will be benefiting. 
For more information about the partnership, take a look at this link!  

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I love this. As someone from the Caribbean, I hope more Caribbean countries follow in Guyana’s stead. 

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Excellent example being set by our Caribbean neighbours! thank you for sharing.


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