Mangrove ecosystem assessment - Earth Day Month

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For this month's earth day we will report on user stories from around the world and how they use NICFI maps in their workflow.

In this first story, we’re going to Indonesia, where Astraea in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy are developing pond and mangrove analyses. 

They are studying mangrove distribution and canopy cover under the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (MERA) program and other programs that require analysis of this critical ecosystem.

Being part of user level 2, the experts explain that they use single images (for small areas) and create mosaics themselves if they need a large area containing a lot of scene data. However, for the use of base maps, these are downloaded for quick validation and evaluation of the study area.

If you like to know more about their work, please follow this link 

Taken from Indonesia Oceans Program team - Astraea - General Partner Reporting November 2022 to NICFI.

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