MAAP Project & Deforestation in mining corridor of Peruvian Amazon

  • 29 March 2023
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The Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP), run by Amazon Conservation Association, was launched in 2015. The project delivers actionable data from multiple satellite sources for local governments and people to detect deforestation. It currently covers 83% of the Amazon in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. 

This week’s user story is about deforestation in the southern Peruvian Amazon, where gold mining is one of the critical reasons for deforestation in the region. The last status of deforestation in the Mining Corridor of Madre de Dios was highlighted in the MAAP article published in December 2022.  

As agriculture is another reason for deforestation in the area, the researchers distinguished mining deforestation. Using NICFI-Planet monthly mosaics, they detect total deforestation of 16,000 hectares in the Mining Corridor over the past two years (2021 - 2022). Besides, the area of direct mining deforestation is 11,2000 hectares. 

Click here to check out the report and findings.  


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