How much forest was lost in 2021?

  • 4 August 2022
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Each year, World Resources Institute publishes ‘Forest Pulse’ to cover forest loss worldwide and carry out extensive research on the topic. Through NICFI Data available on Global Forest Watch, this year’s report gives essential insights into how much/where forests were lost in 2021. 


Key Findings from Forest Pulse 

  • Forest loss remained high in 2021

  • Indonesia reduced primary forest loss for the fifth year

  • New deforestation frontiers emerged in the Brazilian Amazon

  • Due to large-scale architecture and fires, primary forest loss in Bolivia hit a record high. 

  • Congo Basin Forests experienced primary deforestation as a result of agriculture, energy demands, and logging

  • Climate change has destroyed the northern forests 

For more details, click to read the report.

2 replies

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@idilgumus thankyou for sharing these resources!

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Wow, this is a very cool tool.


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