Evaluating deforestation in Equatorial Asia with Nusantara Atlas

  • 10 November 2022
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Nusantara Atlas is a platform aimed at monitoring drivers of deforestation, fires, peatland degradation and forest regeneration in Equatorial Asia. It includes Planet-NICFI basemaps publicly available through the NICFI Data Satellite Program, as well as satellite images from Sentinel 2, Landsat, NOAA-20, S-NP, and MODIS, near-real-time deforestation alerts (RADD ; GLAD), fire hotspots (VIIRS and MODIS) and cadastral information.

Users can generate time lapse satellite animations on the fly using Planet/NICFI, Sentinel-2, Landsat and share and save the results. It also presents stories and reports on deforestation and fires in such frameworks.

About the latter, a research on Nusantara Atlas presents significant news on palm oil based- deforestation in Tesso Nilo Park in Indonesia. Although the deforestation rate dropped back to the lowest level in the last 20 years, there are some still threatening developments in Tesso Nilo. The analysis made by TheTreeMap through NICFI Data revealed that there is 774 ha of primary forest loss since January 2022 until September 2022. This means a triple increase from 2021.Β 

Click here to learn more about the story.

1 reply

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@andrea.cardenasΒ thank you for sharing this. I am planning to begin similar work with my students soon. Although this platform is for a different region these resources will be useful to learn from.


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