Deforestation Early Warning System in Mexico

  • 26 April 2023
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CONAFOR, a NICFI level 2 user, uses NICFI Basemaps through QGIS and GEE. They adjusted their workflow so that calibration processes of change detection are performed in PS images. Additionally, they evaluate deforestation alerts for monitoring specific change processes such as settlements and illegal airstrips. 

Another use of individual Planet imagery is to conduct tests to understand possible underestimates of forest cover loss due to the spatial resolution of Sentinel 2 imagery. For this purpose, they have run change detection algorithms in different images to check the best performance. Finally, they mentioned they have also consumed planet images through the Google Earth Engine tool to generate exploratory change analysis.

Here you can see one of their Early Warning Reports on Deforestation. In this one, they focus on Montes Azules and Calakmul.

If you like to know more about their work, please follow this link.

Taken from CONAFOR - General Partner Reporting to NICFI, November 2022

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