Analyzing landslide using Planet imagery

  • 23 November 2022
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Hello, community. This is my first post. So, I want to share a quick application of Planet imagery for analyzing landslides. The study case is in a small province in Peru's Andes. This disaster destroyed more than 100 houses. Fortunately, there were very few fatalities. You can read more about this event at this link.


4 replies

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Hi @Bruno Adriano,

Thank you so much for sharing! I had never heard of this disaster so thank you for educating me and showing how you have used Planet imagery for this study!Β 

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@Bruno AdrianoΒ this is a great example of how Planet imagery can measure the impact of disasters like this. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for this post. Recently, there was a lot of rainfall on the island of Trinidad and Tobago where we experienced several landslides across the island. I’m looking forward to using Planet data to assess the severity of these landslides.Β Β 

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Dear Dr. Adriano,

Thank you for sharing these maps, have you published any of this? I would love to read more about your work in this case study.


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