Unable to import Planets Multispectral PlanetScope Imagery into Google Earth Engine

  • 30 August 2023
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I am doing multispectral geospatial analysis using pair of Planets (RGB, NIR) imagery band, for Sept 11 and October 18, 2016 with Google Earth Engine (GEE). My Planet Explorer search through my Planets account showed the pair of images are available as PlanetScope scene. However, the GEE snippet for importing Planets imagery seemed to be an experimental "Skyboard for Good Beta" program from 2015, found here: Planet SkySat Public Ortho Imagery, Multispectral  |  Earth Engine Data Catalog  |  Google for Developers

When I run the code snippet in GEE, I get an error image that reads "Layer 1: Layer error: Expression does not evaluate to an image". Is there a GEE code for the type of images I need (PlanetScope 4 or 8 band imagery)? Is there some way to directly import Planets images into my GEE project folder?


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This tutorial works for me:

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Hi @Oladipo,

I just wanted to check if the above tutorial helped you. Let us know if you need additional help!

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@ idilgumus Yes, the tutorial was helpful although I still could not successfully import the Planet Labs images into my GEE asset folder. I finally got the images imported after using the code posted by someone else on another Planet community page, found here: Integracion imagenes planet google earth engine | Planet Community

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@zcwang Thank you for sharing the tutorial. It was helpful!