Nicfi streaming issues on QGIS

  • 12 April 2024
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I am using the planet explorer/nicfi plugin with QGIS to monitor forest loss in our project area. It is really useful. However I'm having issues with the streaming of imagery. I connect the monthly mosaics/streaming and it shows up in the layers. I can just click these on and off based on which month I want to view. Lately, these have not been refreshing (and not coming up at all) and i have to add the month in again as another layer (and delete the previous - not working layer) to get that month’s pictures up again.

Not sure why this is happening now. My other staff working on this has no issue with the same set up!  I have a poor internet connection so am sometimes offline. I remember initially that it may have worked offline even with previous images still staying put. So the issue seems recent. Now even when i'm online with an OK connection, i can't bring up the previous layers and need to add new layers every time. It's a hassle.

Thanks!!  Much appreciate any solutions.


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2 replies

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Hi @rovieng

Based on our investigation, the new update on Planet QGIS Plugin will help you solve this issue. You can download the latest version from this link. Let us know if this would help or if you have any other questions. Best! 


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thanks so much @idilgumus !  that solved it. don’t know why i didn’t look for an update earlier. Much appreciated.