Missing metadata and problems with the tool Apparent Reflectance

  • 20 February 2023
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I'm a college student and not very proficient in using ArcGis Pro and Planet Imagery.
I would need advice on the Apparent Reflectance tool. I'm working with images from the PlanetScope satellite and I don't know where the problem is, but I don't see the metadata of the images. It's rejecting my data format. So I opened the metadata in a normal browser. To create I need Radiance Gain and Radinace Bias for each band. I'm not sure, but isn't it Radiometric Scale Factor and Reflectance Coefficient in the source current? Next I need the Sun Elevation, so I assume that is the same as the Illumination Elevation Angle? And I also know the Scale Factor and Offset, because it results from the number of bits in the image.
So I tried to use these values to create. But it told me that the Acquisition Date is missing, probably because I don't have the metadata uploaded there. So now I don't know what to do with it, because I have nowhere to write the Acquisition Date.

I will be grateful for any advice.

Thank you, Tereza


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Hey Tereza, 


Thanks for reaching out! You can actually download Top of Atmosphere Analytic Radiance assets for PlanetScope 4-band and 8-band items directly from our ArcGIS Pro Add-In. Take a look for that asset in Step 2 “select assets” page in the Order Checkout window. Hopefully that helps minimize your post-processing workflow. You should also be able to access the metadata you’re looking for in the .json and .xml file that are downloaded when your order a PlanetScope item. 


Let me know if that helps.